Terms of use for Foodlist

§ 1 Legal ownership

1.1 The operation of the website www.foodlist.no and app Foodlist is owned by the Foodlist AS, organization number 916 934 122, Eventyrvein 3, 1391 VOLLEN, hereinafter called “Foodlist”.

§ 2 User Registration

2.1 By registering a user account for the Foodlist app, the user verifies that he is registered with his real identity and have a valid email address.
2.2 Foodlist reserves the right to deliver messages to the user’s last registered email address.

§ 3 Deleting user accounts

3.1 Foodlist reserves the right to delete user account without warning, if it is created under a false identity, someone else’s identity or the user violates the rules for use of the service as described in § 4.

§ 4 Rules for using the service.

4.1 User is solely responsible for the content the user enters in to the Foodlist app. Photos and texts must be appropriate, lawful and relevant for purposes of the service. Foodlist reserves the right to remove any content that is in violation with this.
4.2 User acknowledges that content is made available to other users of the service.
4.3. Users who post content in the app accepts that Foodlist can utilize user content (text, images) in the public promotion of the Foodlist unless user contacts Foodlist and informs that the user does not accept this.
4.4 User acknowledges that the Foodlist app accesses location services, camera and photo gallery on the device that is used to access the service. Since Foodlist is based on GPS location, it is essential that access to location services is provided for the Foodlist app in order to work. Data about the user’s location is not stored on Foodlist servers. The app does not send information about the user’s location when it is idle. Location data is only used to bring up the list of products that is close by in your environment.
4.5 Foodlists processing of personal data falls under the Norwegian Personal Data Act. Foodlist stores the user’s email address and the username specified, Foodlist is the controller of personal data. User data is stored properly at Foodlists server until user deletes his account in Foodlist. User has right of access to personal data and demand that incorect and incomplete information and information that is not treated correctly in accordance to Personal Data Act is deleted or corrected.
4.5 It is not allowed to use Foodlist as a sales channel for processed homemade food or for catering business.

§ 5 Rights to Foodlist

5.1 Foodlist and its services, content (except your User Content), features and functionality is and will remain the exclusive property of the Foodlist.

§ 6 Limitation of Liability

6.1 The services and information made available in the Foodlist App is offered “as is” without warranty.
6.2 Businesses that sell food shown in the Foodlist app have no agreement or connection with Foodlist, unless this is clearly stated on the Foodlist website and / or application. Sales of food takes place according to the sellers selling terms and Foodlist is not a party in the transaction between buyer and seller.
6.3 It is allowed for individuals to post information about food that is preserved in unopened packs, stored under regulatory conditions and that user wants to give away to others. Foodlist is not a party of the agreement concluded for this purpose. Foodlist is only sharing information so that users can make deals among themselves.
6.4 Foodlist can not, under any circumstances, be held responsible for food poisoning or other illness that may occur due to consumption of food bought as a result of information made available on the Foodlist app.
6.5 Foodlist is not liable for lost profits or any other loss or expense that may arise in connection with use of the service.
6.6 Foodlist is not responsible for the lack of availability of products that shows on the Foodlist app. Products can be sold out or not available when the user comes to the shop.

§ 7 Changes to terms of use

7.1 Foodlist may at any time modify or replace these Terms of Use.
7.2 Notification of change in terms of use will be provided directly to users through message in Foodlist app.

§ 8 Other provisions

8.1 Terms are governed by and construed in accordance with Norwegian law.

December 2016