Around one billion people suffer from food insecurity in the world.

Earth’s population 2050

If we continue to waste food like we do today there will not be enough food to feed the Earth’s population in 2050.

88.000.000 tonnes

In the EU we throw away 88 million tonnes of edible food every year.

900.000 people

In a small country like Norway, the food we throw away is enough to feed 900.000 starving people.

400.000 cars

In Norway, emissions from production of food that becomes food waste equals the co2 emissions from 400.000 cars. Euros

The value of the edible food that is thrown away in the EU every year is a staggering 143 billion Euros!

It is easy to be a food hero with Foodlist.

Help cut food waste! Foodlist is an app where you can share information about food that is in danger of becoming food waste.
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Tomas grew up on a small farm in the Norwegian country side. There he learned early that boiled potatoes from yesterday can be eaten today.
Tomas holds a Masters degree in Human Resource Management from the University of Hertfordshire, England and has worked most of his career within HR. Tomas has experience from board work in private companies and business clusters. Tomas is a dedicated food hero.


Paula is connected to Foodlist as an extremely valuable partner and expert in the field of food redistribution. Paula has written her master thesis REDUCING FOOD WASTE THROUGH DIRECT SURPLUS FOOD REDISTRIBUTION: THE NORWEGIAN CASE (NMBU 2015). She also supplied data to the Council of Ministers report «Food redistribution in the Nordic region» (2015).

Check out Paula’s report on food waste in Norwegian Supermarkets:

Norwegian Supermarkets and Food Waste (2017): https://www.framtiden.no/aktuelle-rapporter/824-norwegian-supermarkets-and-food-waste-prevention-and-redistribution-strategies/file.html


Pie has a genuine passion for people and a big heart. She inspires people around her with her great energy and personality. Pie is a HR and Talent Aquisitions expert by trade and holds a Degree in HR from the University of Hertfordshire. Pie is renown for her recruiting skills and has also held a number of lectures and speaches within her field of expertice all over Norway. Pie was honored as one of Norways best recruiters in 2014

About us

Foodlist was founded by Tomas and Pie Haug, residents of Asker, Norway. Tomas grew up on a small farm in the Norwegian country side. There he learned early that boiled potatoes from yesterday can be eaten today. Tomas and Pie are married and have three children. Families with children are often the worst «offenders» when it comes to creating food waste. Tomas and Pie therefore decided to organize their refrigerator, plan purchases better and make sure the food waste from their home was reduced significantly. Together with some outstanding people we created Foodlist.

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